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4 Ways to Protect Your Roof from Snow and Ice in Oklahoma

Protect Your Roof from Snow and Ice

Winter has arrived in Oklahoma, which means that the weather can wear down the materials of your roof. If your roof is in poor condition, then it is more likely that the storm season in spring could cause severe damage. Here are four ways to protect your roof from snow and ice in Oklahoma.

1. Gutters

Clearing out your gutters is a necessary chore that homeowners should do habitually throughout the year. Keeping the gutters clear prevents ice from accumulating and backing up under the shingles. This phenomenon is known as an ice dam, and it can significantly damage the shingles on your roof. Eventually, the ice dam causes your roof to start leaking.

2. Use Less Heat

Eliminate heat sources under the roof, such as lights or attic heaters. When one spot of your roof is heated, it can thaw only certain parts of accumulated ice, which leads to the creation of ice dams. Keep the attic cool and adequately insulated to stop or slow the refreezing cycle. Consult a roofing professional to help insulate your attic or with help removing accumulating snow or water before an ice dam can form.

3. Keep Branches Clear

Keeping the trees surrounding your home trimmed trees is vital throughout the year. Branches can scrape the asphalt off of your shingles, and falling leaves can stuff up your gutters. Worse of all, stormy weather can potentially pull down entire tree limbs onto your roof, which will can lasting damage.

4. Never Use Rock Salt on Your Roof

While rock salt, or calcium chloride, is useful for clearing sidewalks and driveways, it can very well damage most roofing materials due to its highly corrosive properties.

What to Do If You Have Excessive Ice and Ice on Your Roof

If large amounts of snow and ice accumulate on your roof, then your best bet is to contact  Robbin’s Roofing! To properly care for your roof, you should hire a professional roof care company at least twice a year. Always be on the lookout for leaks, broken shingles, and a buildup of ice and water. Get a quote from us today.

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