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Avoid Reoccurring Disasters With Professional Roofing Repair

Disasters can strike at any time. Even in relatively safe areas, there is always a chance that some unlucky emergency will occur and your home will suffer as a result. Safety is obviously the most important thing during the chaos. Making sure that you and your family are completely safe and out of harm’s way should be the first step in any emergency.

The next step, once the metaphorical (or literal) smoke clears, is to get to work repairing the problems and doing everything necessary to make sure they won’t happen again. According to Daily Commercial, this step should always involve consulting with professionals who can offer structural upgrades, roof care, home maintenance, and other repairs around the property.

“The biggest mistake most homeowners make is they do not call a professional after a disaster,” said J.D. Donahue, owner of Nature Coast Restoration. “People cause most disasters in the home trying to do home repairs themselves.”

Aside from the potential of more damage occurring, not getting help from professionals can result in even more costly repairs down the line. A residential roofing company, for instance, can help with minor roof care issues, which will prevent major damage from happening. But if you wait too long to address these issues with proper roof maintenance, you will end up spending much more than you would have.

Typically, homeowners spend between 1% to 4% of their home’s value on annual repairs and maintenance. For a standard 2,200 to 2,600 square foot roof, homeowners can expect to pay up to $4,000 for a full roof replacement.

Roofers charge for their work using 10-foot by 10-foot patches of roof to make a square. So a 2,600 square foot roof would need 26 full squares to be replaced if serious damage happened on the entire roof.

Again, to avoid this, your roof should be inspected at least twice a year by a professional roof care company. Periodically take a look at your roof to make sure there are no leaks, broken sections, overlapping, buildup, or other obvious damages that would put you and your family in immediate danger. If you do notice any problems, get help right away.

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