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Hello Mr. Robbins and Jennifer,
We wish to thank your company for the treatment all of your associates did while getting our roof replaced.. Our situation needed close attention with the insurance company so that we were able to get the roof replaced. Mr. John Hendrix was there every step of the project from the initial estimate, meeting with the adjuster, helping get the project started along with Jennifer ordering the materials that were there when needed. Tanner Eagan, your Production manager, was very helpful in direction and keeping the project flowing well. Our property was cleaned up very well after the work was completed. Orlando keep his crew on target doing this roofing. Your equipment was extremely clean and new in regards to your vehicles on site. We were impressed.

Please convey our thanks to all the individuals of Robbins Roofing Inc. whom were involved.

– Kevin Foster

Dear Mr. Robbins:

The final repairs on my home were made last week on 12-28-11. Brian Johnson and his helper repaired and painted the lath and plaster ceiling in the room next to a chimney that leaked. Both chimneys have new flashing, a vent cover has been added on the front of my roof, flashing has been added to the screened-in porch roof, and siding on the east side of my house has been caulked, windows have been caulked, and an edge added where the siding meets the roof.

The process of identifying the causes of the leaks in my new roof, installed on Sept. 20, 2010, has been slow because of the lack of rain for long periods. Thank you for sending roofing “guru” Modesto Noriega and Zach Cambron. They have made many trips to my home to investigate and repair the causes of the leaks. They have always been professional and polite, and have helped me immensely. Eric Payne spent a lot of time caulking and repairing the east side of my house by caulking windows and siding and installing an edge. His work was not covered by the warranty, and I really appreciate his help.

Because you stand behind your work and your warranty, and because you have the right people like Modesto Noriega and Zach Cambron to offer their expertise and help, and because you have gone “the extra mile” to make things right, you have my continued appreciation and recommendation in the roofing industry.

Now, I have a beautiful roof without any problems, and I know who to call when I need a new roof!

Thank you again,

– Ann Dixon

To: Robbins Services

Your team of roofers replaced the shingles on my home May 13 and 14th, 2014. In the time that I have owned this house, this is the third time it has had the rood shingles replaced.  The quality of work and craftsmanship with this crew is the best of the three crews that have worked this roof. The previous company that replaced my shingles was told if there were not damaged boards I wanted them replaced. That did not happen. They installed shingles over the top of the boards that should have been replaced, I relayed this to Tad and told him that I wanted any bad boards replaced, and I feel like they replaced any that was in question. They also did an outstanding job of cleaning up. I have found only one nail. I may find more after a rain. But I think they realty tried to find any they could. I would like to thank you, and the crew, for the professionalism. And workmanship they exhibited while working on my roof. Please relay this to the crew.

Thank you,

-David Long

My insurance company representative wanted me to settle for a less than valued amount. Paul Stowe is to be commended for the effort he put out working with Farmers to get the amount increased. He did an outstanding job.

The roofers did an outstanding job while working in tremendous heat. They left the area very clean and picked up.

-Anne Shirley

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