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Are you looking for a local roofing company in Oklahoma City? Robbins Roofing proudly provides roofing services to Oklahoma. We are one of the most trusted names in the roofing industry and are recognized nationally for the quality of our jobs as well as our customer service.

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Roofing materials deteriorate over time, as they are continuously exposed to the elements. The sooner a problem is detected, the easier it is to correct in most situations. Roofing contractors offer many options, depending on the severity of the issue. At times, a minor repair will be needed, yet many factors go into this determination. For example, if a roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, the residential roof repair and replacement company may recommend replacing the roof even when a minor problem is detected. This is something that will need to be determined with the roofing contractor. When the time comes to replace a residential roof, one should call on Robbins Roofing

Many panic when they hear their roof needs to be replaced, but there is no need to do so. Robbins Roofing works with the property owner to choose a roofing material based on the home’s overall architectural style and their budget. One doesn’t need an expensive roof to protect the contents of the home and the dwelling itself. The key is to find the right material for one’s unique needs. In addition, one may worry about the contents of the building being exposed to the elements during this process. Robbins Roofing only takes on a job when they know the home and its contents won’t sustain damage, even during the winter months. It’s a matter of having a good crew and a window of opportunity to get the job done.

Robbins Roofing takes numerous factors into consideration when determining the cost of replacing a roof. The cost of the material plays a major role in determining the total cost, but the roof size and pitch also come into play when providing a quote. For example, metal roofing tends to be more expensive than asphalt shingles, and steep roofs tend to cost more to replace than lower pitched roofs. Accessibility will be figured into the quote, as some roofs are easy to replace and others contain nooks and crannies that require special equipment. Older homes often come with a secondary roof under the primary one, and this older roof will need to be replaced, increasing the cost of the job. Labor must also be taken into consideration. Robbins Roofing sits down with the property owner to explain what the cost of replacing the roof involves and why.

There are times when a roof repair is all that is needed. If the roof is less than 20 years old, a simple repair could be adequate. Repairs tend to be needed when a small leak is detected or when the roof has sustained wind or storm damage. Damaged tiles or shingles may need to be removed and new ones installed in these areas. Flashing may be damaged, and Robbins Roofing should be called in to make these repairs. The same is true when equipment is installed on a roof. Robbins Roofing ensures there won’t be any issues with the installation and the roof won’t leak around the equipment. When a drainage system is blocked and must be repaired, roof repairs may be needed at this time also, and Robbins Roofing can be of aid here also.

Although the cost of repairing a roof will be significantly less than one would pay to replace this property feature, many of the same factors will be taken into consideration as Robbins Roofing goes to prepare an estimate. The cost of materials, the labor involved, and accessibility all come into play. We cannot estimate the cost of completing the repair until the roof has been examined to determine the extent of the damage. The company offers a free estimate to learn the true cost and what is included.

Establish a list of roofing contractors. Once this list has been made, research the companies, checking their credentials, insurance, licensing and any complaints that have been lodged against the companies. Doing so helps to narrow the list to only a few names. Contact these companies and request an estimate. Be sure to ask for a detailed quote, so materials, work to be completed, and other terms and conditions can easily be compared between companies. Once this information has been obtained, choose a company to work with. The goal is to find the most qualified contractor who offers a reasonable price and a great warranty. Most find this to be Robbins Roofing.

Take the above into consideration when selecting a residential roof repair and replacement contractor. This is one task that should never be put off, as any delay could lead to damage to the home. The money is well spent, as one is protecting the investment in the home and its contents. Contact us for all of your residential and commercial roofing needs, and we will be more than happy to provide your free estimate promptly.

We offer multiple warranties on our work including a shingle warranty, system plus warranty, and our golden pledge warranty. With Robbins Roofing, you get incredible peace of mind knowing you’re investment is safe and sound.

Our Customers Say

Eric Jenkins
2 reviews
a year ago
While in the process of getting my roof replaced I had some issues with my insurance claim; Robbins roofing was both helpful in helping me resolve these issues and patient throughout the process. They took what could have been an incredibly stressful financial situation and helped walk me through the process with my insurance company. The actual roofing process was time efficient and well done. Very professional and communicative.

“Robbins Roofing is a company you can trust. It’s a company of integrity and amazing quality. I wouldn’t trust my roofing needs to anyone else. Tad Drake superseded our expectations and we are truly satisfied with the product and the job done! Thanks Robbins Roofing for making our experience a good experience and taking care of all our roofing needs. We will definitely recommend your company to anyone searching for a roofer.”

Teresa P.

“Tadd and the rest of the crew at Robbins Roofing have been great! Very professional, quality work and a fair price. We even had Tadd look at a leak that we had on an older roof, and he found a bad gasket around a sewer vent, replaced it and saved us thousands.
Robbins has done several rental properties of ours plus our own home. Wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Darrel W.
Joel Maxwell
10 reviews
10 months ago
The Team from Robbins Roofing met all my expectations…from the initial roof inspection thru the collaboration with my insurer. I had a high level of confidence in Larry’s ability to manage the entire process. Once his team (2 full crews to start) arrived at my home the work never slowed down! The project manager, Tanner, was on-site and in control but more importantly to me, he kept me in the loop throughout the project and answered every question I had about the materials and methods being used. I found the entire experience with Robbins’ team members to be low stress and professional and I highly recommend them now to my friends, neighbors and clients! Thank You Larry Robbins and Team!

“From start to finish Robbins did an amazing job. Tad Drake was involved in every aspect and the job went smoothly. The roof looks great as do the gutters. The clean up they did was really good. Thanks to the severe weather we have this is the second roof they have done for us. Completely happy both times. We highly recommend Robbins Roofing..”

Gerrie T.

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