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Do You Need a New Roof?

Replacing or repairing a roof ranks among the most worrying problems for homeowners, and the signs you need a new roof can sometimes be hard to see. Plenty of house problems can be fixed through do-it-yourself solutions, but you should leave roofing to the professionals. When considering whether or not you need professional roofing services, these six signs mean that it is time to take care of your roof.

If Your Roof Is over 20 Years Old

Most roofs have a lifespan between 20 and 30 years. As your home starts to age, your roof will gradually be worn down by nature. Living in Oklahoma can mean rain, snow, and tornadoes all occurring in the same week. If your home gets caught in the Oklahoma weather, then your roof may not last the full 20 years. Stay vigilant for signs that your roof requires repairs.

Leaks and Water Damage

Of course, water damage is hard to miss compared to the other signs, but you should address it as soon as possible. Water damage in a home could potentially be a health concern. Water can cause mold or even get into the electrical wiring, creating a fire hazard. Ideally, you would have roofing work done before you noticed a considerable leak, thus preventing a massive headache. But if you see water damage on your walls or ceilings, there is no time like the present to call for help.

You Can See Daylight through the Roof Boards

A more subtle signal that your home needs repair is daylight shining through the roof boards. Up in the attic, if sunlight can stream through the space between your roof boards, then rain and snow can also slip through. Your insulation is in dire straits and requires fixing, if not for the sake of your house, then for your heating bill.

Bald Spots and Missing Granules

If you cannot find any sources of damage from the interior of your home, then that is excellent news. However, you may not be out of the woods yet. The NRCA recommends that homeowners check the exterior of their roofs at least twice a year.

A possible red flag is bald spots among the shingles. Granules are what give shingles their coarse texture. They help deter UV rays from the shingle’s asphalt coating, making them more heat-resistant and fire-resistant. If the granules are starting to wear from your shingles, then it’s time to call a professional.

Shingle Damage Everywhere

If the granules are such an essential factor in your roof’s health, then the shingles themselves are even more integral. Cracked or missing shingles indicate wind damage. While some wind damage here and there is typical, the problem can get out of hand quickly. When you notice the number of damaged shingles growing, try to fix the issue as soon as you can.

Sagging Roof

Of course, the droopy, sagging roof may stand out as the most tell-tale sign of disarray. The cause behind this sag could either be a structural issue with the framing or simple water damage, causing the plywood to warp. In either case, the best solution is hiring a professional to fix the problem before it gets worse.

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To properly care for your roof, you should hire a professional roof care company at least twice a year. Always be on the lookout for leaks, broken shingles, sunlight shining through the roof boards, or other apparent damages that signal a damaged roof.

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