If you have to get on your roof for any reason at all, you must take all the necessary roof safety precautions. The best advice you can take is to contact a roofing company and have experienced roofers come to your home to assist you, but if you need to just do something on the roof real quick (or if you can’t talk your husband out of going up that ladder), don’t forget to watch out for all the potential rooftop dangers.

Here’s some basic roof safety tips for homeowners:

Buddy System

Even if you’re going on the roof for just a few seconds, you absolutely need to have someone there with you. If you attempt to go on your roof alone and you fall, there is a chance you’ll be hurt and unable to move for hours until someone finally sees you. If someone is there with you as you go on your roof, you’ll at least have someone there to call 911 if you do fall.

Ladder Placement

Another reason the buddy system is so important; having someone else help you while you go on your roof can make sure the ladder you’re using remains sturdy enough to support you. Make sure that the legs of the ladder are secure and will not slip.

Pay Attention to the Weather

If you’re going to go on your roof, you should check to see what the upcoming weather is like in your area. If there are any serious weather conditions approaching your house, your roofing project might have to wait a day or two. Being on the roof during a lightning storm or a heavy snowfall is extremely dangerous, but even going on the roof a few hours after the inclement weather can cause you to slip and harm yourself, too.

Fall Protection Equipment

You can never be too safe when it comes to working high above the ground. Make sure that you purchase necessary fall protection equipment and know how to properly use each item. Just buying the equipment isn’t enough. You need to know how to use each piece of equipment properly.

If you care about saving money, then it’s important to keep up with your roofing care. The lifespan of roofs that are only reactively maintained is only about 13 years. Remember, whenever you need to perform roof maintenance projects, you should contact professional roofers who have years of experience first.

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